Honeymoon Registry

Your Wedding and Honeymoon
Registry Website


Congratulations on your special day.  Let’s get started with your Wedding Website.


Your Wedding Website and Honeymoon Registry consists of the following:

*We have live toll Free CUSTOMER SERVICE representatives to assist you & your guests.
*We provide STUNNING PHOTOS for every item.
*We do not charge a set up fee.
*We take orders using credit card or check, online or over the phone, for anyone that needs help. 
*We give you a state of the art WEDDING WEBSITE to display photos, your story, etc.
*Collect and schedule your gifts according to your account set up.
*We give you FLEXIBILITY when creating your list, you can choose only the items you wish and we have hundreds of ideas.
*We have a “create your own” wizard so you can easily CREATE YOUR OWN listings.
*We offer special “GIFT CARDS” that your guests can print, and keep, online so you can review them when it’s time to write your thank you cards.
*We will keep both your information and that of your guests private so neither party will be bombarded with advertising emails.
*We provide downloadable ANNOUNCEMENT CARDS, bridal shower games, etc. to help you spread the word about your honeymoon registry.
*We have serviced over 85,000 brides and grooms.
*On average our couples receive $2,500 to spend on their honeymoon as they choose.
*We give you a free email wizard to send announcements to your family and friends

We will set up your wedding website for you during our consultation or you can click on the following link: www.theonlyway2honeymoon.com to get started.

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